If you’ve noticed a few new stress lines lately and you’re in need of some retail therapy, then you’re in luck because it’s Wrinkle Week at U Med Spa.

From now until this Saturday, March 28th, all of our wrinkle relaxers are only $199 per area. Plus, we’ll give you a FREE Lip Flip with the purchase of two areas or more!

BOTOX: 199 (20 units)

Relaxes facial lines and wrinkles and lasts about 3 months

DYSPORT: 199 (50 units)

Our favorite because Dysport spreads more than other wrinkle relaxers, making it ideal for treating larger areas like your forehead.

NEWTOX: 199 (20 units)

Structurally similar to Botox but more steps are taken to purify the product

XEOMIN: 199 (20 units)

Offers the fastest results and contains zero additives, making you less likely to become resistant

THE LIP FLIP: FREE with the purchase of two or more areas

A wrinkle relaxer is injected above your lip to gently roll it upward, creating the illusion of a fuller upper lip without fillers

Not sure which wrinkle relaxer to buy? No problem! Just purchase this week to lock in our Wrinkle Week pricing and we can switch out your wrinkle relaxers as needed during your appointment.

We will also add your free Lip Flip to your account when you purchase two or more areas.

$199 wrinkle relaxers can purchased online here or by phone at 972-943-8633 until this Saturday, March 28th. They never expire so stock up and use your wrinkle relaxers whenever you like!


The spa is temporarily closed for appointments but we’re still available to take your emails and phone calls at 972-943-8633.

We hope you’re staying safe and we’re sending you lots of love and good vibes.


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