Ask Carol: Fillers after weight loss

Jul 11, 2022 | U Med

One of the benefits of carrying extra weight is the extra volume in your face which smooths out wrinkles and makes your look younger.

When you lose weight, your skin loses volume, making wrinkles and other signs of aging more noticeable.

Fortunately, facial fillers can help, and our owner and master injector Carol is answering your questions about facial fillers after weight loss.

Q&A: Fillers after Weight Loss

Q. I recently lost weight but look older now and notice more wrinkles. Would fillers help?

A: Subcutaneous fat in the face makes your skin look full, plump, and youthful, and
when you lose weight, you lose this subcutaneous fat, leading to signs of aging.

Fillers can help restore this lost volume while sculpting youthful contours and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles that can appear after weight loss.

Q: What facial filler treatments do you recommend after weight loss?

A: First, I would recommend Sculptra to rebuild collagen and restore volume and thickness to your skin. Then, I would use Voluma to add back volume to your cheeks and structure to your jawline.

Sometimes jowls appear after weight loss, and Kybella can be used to permanently shrink these fat pads and create a youthful profile.

Q: Should I wait to get fillers until I reach my goal weight?

A: You can wait until you’ve reached your target weight to get facial fillers, or you can get fillers while you are losing weight to help maintain your facial volume.

If you’ve had facial fillers before your weight loss, you may need a filler touch-up after reaching your goal weight.

Q: Will losing weight cause me to metabolize fillers more quickly?

A; Weight loss by itself won’t make you metabolize your fillers faster, but you can increase your metabolic rate by exercising and being physically fit, and the higher your metabolic rate, the quicker you will metabolize your fillers.

Q: Will I “lose” my facial fillers when I lose weight?

A; Losing weight will not cause you to lose the filler already there. When you lose weight, you will most likely notice weight loss in your face, but this is from fat loss, and you may need additional fillers to replace this natural loss of volume.

Q: Are lip fillers affected by weight loss?

A: In general, weight loss doesn’t affect the lips, so losing weight after having lip filler injections should not affect the appearance of your lips, their shape or size, or your final results.

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