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May 16, 2024


How to find the best med spa for your needs

Thanks to the popularity of non-invasive treatments such as Botox and fillers, patients are now overwhelmed with choices. How do you find the best med spa?

May 14, 2024


Supercharge your collagen with PRF Microneedling

PRF Microneedling is one of the hottest trends in skincare this year. Come with us to learn more about this advanced treatment that is also known as the Vampire Facial

May 05, 2024


Debunking Common Botox® Myths

Interested in Botox but are scared of the things that you’ve been hearing? Here are top 5 common Botox myths and why they are false

April 16, 2024


Do men need Botox (also known as Brotox)?

Botox for men, also known as “Brotox”, has become increasingly popular. Click to learn more about this treatment

April 16, 2024


How many syringes of filler do I need?

Okay, you’ve finally made up your mind to get that filler treatment that you’ve been thinking about for a while. But how many syringes of filler do you need?

March 15, 2024


Everything you need to know about full facial balancing

You might have heard about full facial balancing on social media, but what does it really mean? We’ve interviewed our experts to learn more

March 13, 2024


Do you struggle with pigmentation or dull skin?

If this sounds like you, BBL Photofacial might be just what you need. Come with us to learn everything you need to know about this treatment

February 25, 2024


How many vials of Kybella do I need?

If permanently removing unwanted fat with a needle sounds too good to be true then you haven’t tried Kybella! Learn more about this treatment and all the areas you can treat

February 25, 2024


How to slim your face with fillers

As you get older and lose facial volume, your face can actually look heavier. But facial fillers can make your face look slimmer by restoring youthful volume

February 25, 2024


Learn about jawline contouring

A sharp jawline makes your face look younger, slimmer, and more defined. This is why Jawline Contouring has become one of the most popular treatments for both men and women

February 25, 2024


Best treatment for undereye circles and grooves

Are you tired of tired-looking eyes and dark circles? Sunken eyes that appear dark (or “tear-trough hollowness”) are common in adults. While there are many potential reasons for undereye hollowness, aging is one of the key enemies to blame. Learn about how under-eye fillers can add volume and smooth out under-eye grooves

January 31, 2024


Your Sculptra questions answered

Want to restore plumpness in your face but too scared to try dermal fillers? You might want to try Sculptra