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Sep 12, 2022 | Featured

Save this email for next week’s Fall Injectable Sale because our owner and master injector Carol shares her favorite fillers for treating each area.

Frown Lines

After relaxing frown lines with a wrinkle relaxer, I like to fill this area with a small amount of either Belotero or Restylane.

Brow Lift

Brow Lifts are mostly accomplished with wrinkle relaxers, but if there is a lack of volume under the brow, I like to use a small amount of Belotero or Restylane.


Lyft is an excellent filler for this area, which normally requires two to three syringes depending on volume deficit.

Tear Troughs

Restylane is my favorite filler for this area because Restylane offers the most natural and consistent results.

Nose Reshaping

Restylane and Belotero are excellent fillers for nose augmentation, and they smooth out bumps and reshape the nose with ease and minimal downtime.

Cheek Augmentation

I love Voluma in the cheeks because of its natural plumping and lifting abilities and the soft, pillowy results it offers.

Mid-Face Hollowing

Hands down, Sculptra is my favorite for mid-face hollowing because it rebuilds the collagen matrix, which lifts and tightens your skin from the inside out.

Nasolabial Folds

Juvederm is my go-to filler for this area because it’s specifically formulated to fill in deep wrinkles and folds.

Lip Lines

Volbella is such a nice and soft filler, so it’s perfect for smoothing lip lines.

Lip Augmentation

Kysse is my favorite for creating juicy lips, Restylane is great for a continued build, and Refyne is perfect for providing natural-looking movement. Volbella is also nice because it adds a rosy hue to the lips without adding much volume.

Marionette Lines

This area of the face moves constantly, so I prefer to use Juvederm because it fills in marionette lines while providing enough support for continual movement.


I love Defyne and Voluma for this area because they provide the volume and support needed for a chiseled jawline.

Chin Augmentation

Defyne is my favorite for building out the chin and enhancing chin projection.

Neck Tightening

Hyperdiluted Radiesse is my favorite for neck tightening because it creates a gel-like mesh that holds the area taut while stimulating collagen production for long-lasting results.

Hand Augmentation

I love Radiesse for restoring volume to the back of the hands. Radiesse is an opaque gel that easily integrates into the skin’s tissues to reduce the appearance of tendons and blue veins on the back of your hands.

Chest Wrinkles

Hyperdiluted Radiesse is my filler of choice for smoothing chest wrinkles because it replenishes lost collagen for long-lasting firmness while improving skin texture and elasticity.

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