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Botox myths

May 05, 2024


Debunking Common Botox® Myths

Interested in Botox but are scared of the things that you’ve been hearing? Here are top 5 common Botox myths and why they are false.

1. Botox freezes your face and makes your expressions less natural

Let’s start by how Botox actually works. Botox, similar to other neurotoxins or wrinkles relaxers such as Dysport, Xeomin, Daxxify, etc., are substances that are injected into your skin to relax your muscle movement temporarily preventing your muscles from creating deep lines. Because of its ability to “freeze” the muscles, some people think that your facial expressions would also be completely “frozen” and refuse Botox altogether. After all, who wants to forget how to smile just to remove some wrinkles? However, with experienced injectors, the right technique, and the right dosage, Botox injections should preserve your natural expressions while reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.

Before booking your Botox treatment, make sure to confirm that the medical clinic is HIPPA compliant and that the providers are licensed and trained to perform the treatment.

2. Botox is not safe

According to National Institute of Health (NIH), Botox is generally considered safe, effective and largely devoid of serious side effects when performed by licensed providers. Botox has been FDA-approved since 2002 as a temporary cosmetic treatment for moderate to severe wrinkles. Since then, millions of treatments have been performed every year. In 2023, over 9 million Botox treatments were performed globally according to Spa Medica.

Overall, Botox is a safe treatment with minimal side effects. Most common side effects for Botox include bruising, swelling, and redness on the injection site which usually subside in a couple of days.

3. If you stop, you will get more wrinkles than before

Botox only limits your muscle movements temporarily, typically lasting anywhere between 3 to 6 months. When you stop Botox treatments, your muscles simply return to their normal movement and your wrinkles will return as well. Contrary to this common misconception that your wrinkles get worse, some doctors believe that with years of consistent treatments, your muscles may get trained to relax requiring less Botox over time.

4. Botox injections are painful

This can’t be further from the truth! Our providers use very thin needles for Botox injections. With proper technique and right needles, most patients only feel a bit of stinging sensation, not requiring any topical numbing. If you are new to non-invasive cosmetic treatments and are scared of the pain, make sure that you have a light meal or snacks beforehand. You can also take Tylenol (avoid any blood thinners such as Advil but Tylenol is safe to take before the treatment) to ease the pain an hour before the treatment though it’s not necessary for most patients.

5. Botox is only used to reduce wrinkles

Though Botox is most commonly known for its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it has many other benefits. Botox is FDA approved to treat the TMJ disorder when injected in the jaw muscles. It can also be injected in the trap muscles to reduce shoulder tensions and tension headaches.

Still unsure whether Brotox is right for you?

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