I have something in common with the Danes: I’m OBSESSED with coziness.

Hygge (pronounced HUE-gah) is the Danish concept of coziness; an overall feeling of contentment from all things warm and snuggly.

Below are some ideas for making your holidays extra hygge this year:

Create a warm and cozy vibe with candles. Or if you’re afraid of burning the house down, use flameless candles like these.

The fireplace is hygge headquarters as a flickering fire instantly makes any space feel cozy and intimate.

Overhead lights are usually too bright to create coziness. Instead, use smaller lamps which create small pools of light around the room.

Make your house more hygee with festive fairy lights like these. They look great everywhere; around your fireplace, above your headboard, and to brighten up your outdoor patio.

Decorate your home with with warm, muted tones, and bring the outside in with greenery and natural materials like leather, wood, and stone.

You can’t relax in spaces that are overwhelming, so declutter and keep out only the items you love.

Hygge is about how things feel, so surround yourself with softness with knitted throws, fluffy pillows, shag rugs, and comfy furniture.

Blankets are essential to any hygge home; the more blankets the merrier.

Create a cozy nook where you can curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

Keep your clothing cozy and casual. A chunky sweater, a scarf, a pair of wool socks, and your favorite pair of comfy pants are hygge fashion must-haves.

Hygge is all about indulgence, so take a break from healthy living and treat yourself to something sweet.

Keep the warm drinks coming. Coffee, tea, cocoa, hot cider, and mulled wine are your hygge BFFs.

Hygge is all about slow living, so take a break, savor the moment, and be grateful for all the good things, big and small.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a hygge holiday season!

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