As part of our family, keeping you safe from the spread of the coronavirus is our top priority.

So today, I want to tell you about the measures that U Med Spa has put into place to protect you, while still maintaining our high standards of service.


We are continually monitoring the situation from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and our staff is strictly following the CDC standards and guidelines with regards to the coronavirus.

We are sanitizing the spa daily and have employed a service to disinfect all surfaces, which kills microbes for up to 90 days.

As always, service providers are washing their hands and putting on new gloves before and after each client, and spa beds, chairs, and tools used during treatments are sanitized after each use.

Service providers have been given facial shields to wear during treatments to protect against the spread of germs.

We have placed hand sanitizer at the front desk for client use.

Any staff member who becomes sick must be cleared from a doctor before returning to work.

We are urging clients and staff to stay home if they are sick, have had any contact with anyone potentially exposed to the virus, or if they’ve traveled to any coronavirus hotspot areas.

We are asking clients and staff to take their temperature to make sure that they aren’t running a fever before coming into the spa.

We are waiving all cancellation fees and asking clients to reschedule their appointment if they’ve had any symptoms of illness in the previous 14 days.

This is a difficult time but we are committed to your health and safety and we thank you for your continued trust and confidence in us.

We are sending all of our love, thoughts, and prayers to you and your family, and everyone who is affected by the virus.

U Med Spa



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