Injectable treatments that make the biggest impact

Sep 10, 2023 | U Med

Today’s post comes from our super talented injector, Kenzie Rae Morgan, and she’s sharing her three favorite injectable treatments that make the most significant impact.

Lower Face & Neck Tox

When it comes to wrinkles, everyone can benefit from neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport, but I especially recommend using tox to treat the lower face and neck.

To look your best, it’s crucial to match your upper face with your lower face and to keep your face and neck in the same decade.

I recommend treating your DAO muscles to keep the corners of your mouth from pulling down, your mentalis muscle to improve chin dimpling, and your platysma muscle to tighten your neck and relax vertical bands.

Cheek Filler

If I had to pick one injection area that makes the biggest impact, it would be the cheeks.

Cheek filler dramatically improves mid-face volume loss and the appearance of the under eyes, nasolabial folds, and lower face sagging.

Cheek filler also makes the face look slimmer and more contoured.


Finally, the icing on the cake is Sculptra, a biostimulator that tells your body to produce more collagen.

Because natural collagen production starts declining in our 20s, Sculptra is one of the best ways to maintain facial volume, elasticity, and youthful contours.

I love using Sculptra in the nasolabial folds and jawline and to soften transition areas like the hollows of the temples and underneath the cheekbones.

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