When the mask comes off

Jul 5, 2021 | U Med

If you’ve neglected the lower half of your face while it’s been in hiding, here are our favorite injectable treatments for getting it back in shape for your post-mask reveal.

Facial Slimming with Botox

Botox (or Dysport) can slim your face by relaxing the masseter muscles at the back of your jaw which can give your face a wider, square shape.

Chin + Lip Augmentation

There is nothing better for your profile than a good chin and lip augmentation combo. Chin filler creates a youthful v-shape to your face and lip filler adds balance and fullness to your features.

Kybella + Jawline Filler

Kybella can be used to trim extra fat and sagging skin along your jawline, and filler placed along your jawline makes it look tight and defined.

Nefertiti Lift

Botox (or Dysport) injected along your jaw and down your neck lifts your lower face and adds definition to your jawline.

It also lengthens your neck and smooths horizontal neck lines and platysmal bands while helping to pull back loose and sagging skin.

Neck Tightening Treatment

Our Neck Tightening Treatment uses Hyperdiluted Radiesse (a thinner version of Radiesse) to firm and tighten the skin on your neck, and smooth crepey skin.

Let us get your lower face in shape and give us a call at 972-943-8633 to schedule an injection consultation or book online here

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