Are you neglecting your neck?

Feb 20, 2023 | U Med

Your neck is an often-neglected area of the body, even though it’s one of the first to show signs of aging.

The skin on your neck is thinner and more fragile, making it more prone to damage. It also has fewer oil glands, making it susceptible to dryness, wrinkles, and a crepey texture.

Below, I’m sharing five non-surgical treatments for improving the appearance of your neck and putting an end to neck neglect.



Microneedling works by gently damaging your skin with thousands of micro punctures, inducing collagen and elastin production to make the skin on your neck look smoother and tighter.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing reverses skin damage and stimulates collagen production, which improves crepey skin texture and firmness, making the skin on your neck look younger, tighter, and less wrinkled.

Wrinkle Relaxers

The platysma muscle is a sheet-like muscle in the front of your neck that stretches out with age and tends to bunch up into vertical platysmal bands.

Relaxing the platysma muscle with Botox or Dysport smooths out bunching, which improves the appearance of platysmal bands.

Neck-Tightening Treatment

Our Neck Tightening Treatment uses hyperdiulted Radiesse to smooth, firm, and tighten the skin on your neck.

When Hyperdiluted Radiesse is injected into your neck, it creates a gel-like mesh that holds the area taut while stimulating collagen production for long-lasting results.


Sagging skin and excess fat under the neck can be removed with Kybella. This injectable treatment permanently dissolves small pockets of fat, giving you a more youthful, sculpted neck without surgery.

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