I’m so excited to tell you about our new anti-aging service that will give your skin a MEGA collagen boost…

Wrinkling, skin thinning, and sagging are caused by a lack of collagen, the skin’s most important structural protein. Collagen production starts to decline in our 30s, and once we reach our 50s, it slows to a crawl.

Collagen is a very, very good thing because the more collagen you have, the firmer and tighter your skin will look. So, we’ve put together the two biggest collagen-boosting beauty treatments, which will jump-start your collagen production like CRAZY!

Introducing Sculptra Glow, a combination of Microneedling and Sculptra!

Microneedling is a painless anti-aging treatment that pricks the skin with very fine needles, stimulating your body’s natural wound healing process to increase collagen production, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that reduces wrinkles and folds, adds volume to thinning skin, and restores definition to the face. Usually, Sculptra is injected into the skin’s deep layers, but with Sculptra Glow, Sculptra can be applied topically like a serum.

This technique works because microneedling creates thousands of invisible micro channels into your skin, and when Sculptra is applied topically, the micro-channels allow your skin to absorb the Sculptra like a sponge.

Applying Sculptra in this way also allows it to penetrate into the outermost layers of the skin, where it can improve the appearance of fine lines, increase hydration, and give your skin a gorgeous glow.

Sculptra Glow is also great for treating lines around the eyes and mouth, acne scars, and improving the appearance of crepey skin.

We can’t wait for you to try it out! For a limited time, Sculptra Glow is only $300, regularly $450.

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