Spring Fling specials are here!

Apr 12, 2019 | Events, Specials

U Med Spa’s Spring Fling party is this Thursday, April 18th from 5:30 to 8pm and we can’t wait to see you!

We’ll have food, champagne and cocktails, plus a ton of gifts and prizes and free swag bags for the first 75 attendees.

And as always, we’re offering awesome party specials on your favorite wrinkle relaxers, facial fillers and injectable treatments.

Our Spring Fling party specials are now open and can be purchased online here by phone at 972-943-8633, or in store from now until this Saturday, April 20th, and you can use them whenever you want!

Not sure what to buy? Purchase any of the following to lock in our party pricing and you can switch out your injectables as needed during your appointment.


$199 Botox (20 units): relaxes facial lines and wrinkles and lasts about 3 months

$199 Dysport (50 units): our favorite wrinkle relaxer because Dysport spreads more than Botox and Xeomin, making it ideal for treating larger areas like your forehead

$199 Xeomin (20 units): offers the fastest results and contains zero additives, making you less likely to become resistant

$375 per syringe Belotero: treats lines around your eyes and lips

$399 per syringe Volbella: a fine line filler for vertical lip lines and fine lines on your face

$475 per syringe Restylane: our favorite filler for plumping up your lips, making them juicy and kissable

$500 per syringe Juvederm: fills in nasolabial folds and marionette lines and can be injected under your brow to create a lift

$500 per vial Sculptra: stimulates the production of your own collagen for gradual results that won’t give you away

$500 per vial Kybella: an injectable treatment that destroys fat cells and is used to treat unwanted bra fat, belly pooch, and fat underneath your chin and along your jawline

$550 per syringe Radiesse: used to create high cheekbones, erase shadows under your eyes, define your chin and jawline, fill in acne scars, perform liquid nose jobs and plump up aging hands

$550 per syringe Restylane Lyft: lifts and plumps up your cheeks, adds volume to your mid-face area and smooths smile lines

$550 per syringe Juvederm Vollure: a long lasting facial filler used to erase smile lines and parentheses marks on each side of your nose

$550 per syringe Restylane Refyne: a flexible hyaluronic acid filler that bends with your skin as you make facial expressions for softer and more natural-looking results. Best for treating laugh lines.

$550 per syringe Restylane Defyne: a sturdier flexible hyaluronic acid filler than Refyne that’s best for filling in deep lines

$599 per treatment AquaGold: an all-over facial smoothing and tightening treatment that is like photoshop for your skin

$700 per syringe Juvederm Voluma: best for defining your jawline and to use in combination with Radiesse to lift and plump your cheeks

$1200: Liquid Facelift: creates youthful contours, restores lost volume, and smooths out facial wrinkles. Includes two syringes of Radiesse + one area of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin.

Products Buy One Get One Half Off


We can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

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