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March 15, 2024


Everything you need to know about full facial balancing

We have been getting an increasing amount of questions about full facial balancing from our clients in the last year. A lot of them have heard about full facial balancing on social media, but what does it really mean? We’ve interviewed our injectable experts, Kenzie, Drea, and Claire to learn more about this increasingly popular treatment.

What is full facial balancing?

“Full facial balancing is taking a global approach when assessing the face”, says Kenzie Morgan (RN) at U Med Spa. When we perform injectable treatments, we want to make sure all the facial features flow together and look harmonious instead of focusing on one specific area. This holistic approach ensures natural and undetectable results.

For full facial balancing, we evaluate all areas of the face that have lights and shadows. For example, if a patient comes to U Med Spa to augment his / her cheek profile, we not only need to treat his / her cheeks but also need to subtly fill in the hollowness/ shadows in the temples for a more balanced profile. Kenzie notes that areas such as temple and chin shadow are so often overlooked as compared to cheeks and lips, but these are very important areas to consider when performing full facial balancing treatments.

Who are the best candidates for the treatment?

“Compared to a surgical facelift, facial balancing won’t give you the same amount of lift, but it would give you a more balanced, contoured, and rejuvenated appearance”, says Drea Hainebach (PA). Ideal candidates are those who are looking for a non-invasive procedure to enhance their facial features, restore facial volume with strategically placed fillers, and improve symmetry and facial proportions.

Each treatment is customized for the individual patient based on a full consultation where the patient discusses his / her desired results. Depending on the patient’s skin type, desired goals, and areas treated, Drea uses different types of fillers and techniques for the procedure.

How does it work?

Full facial balancing, Botox and filler treatments
Patient results after Botox in the Masseter and DAO muscles and fillers in the cheek, chin, chin shadow, and lips

Most people think of dermal fillers when they hear “full facial balancing”, but we often combine multiple treatment methods depending on the desired results. For the beautiful patient above, Claire Schroyer (RN) first treated her with Botox in the masseter muscles to slim her lower jawline (the procedure is often called “Masseter Tox” or “Botox for TMJ”). This procedure also helped the patient reduce her pain from TMJ and the associated tension headaches.

Subsequently, Claire used Botox to treat the DAO muscles as well, which are the muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth. This lifted the corners of her mouth giving her a more cheerful appearance. Botox in the DAO muscles also helps prevent the patient from developing marionette lines in the future.

During her follow-up appointment, we strategically placed fillers in her cheeks, chin, chin shadows, and lips to help augment her facial features. The patient was extremely satisfied with the results after these treatments.

How long does it last?

Full facial balancing typically requires several syringes of filler and Botox over 1-2 appointments. Results should last anywhere between one to one and a half years. The good news is that you would only need tweaks for maintenance annually thereafter.

Are you interested in getting a full facial balancing treatment? Book an injectable consultation here today with our experienced injectors or learn more about dermal fillers here.